Friends of the Ray E. Helfer Society Foundation

Friends of The Ray E. Helfer Society is a 501 (c) (3) foundation that accepts donations to further the Ray E. Helfer Society's mission: To help prevent and reduce the harm resulting from child maltreatment, by advancing the work of physicians in the areas of education, clinical care, research and advocacy. Donations are tax deductible.

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Ten years ago we created Friends of the Ray E. Helfer Society in order to receive donations to help us further the mission of the Helfer Society. We use the Friends of Helfer donations to fund the Helfer Next Generation Project through scholarships which will allow trainees (medical students, residents) travel and attendance funds to attend the Helfer annual meeting. The scholarships are intended to encourage trainees to strongly consider a career in Child Abuse Pediatrics.

In past years, with your generosity, we were able to fund 102 trainees to attend the 2016 - 2023 Helfer Annual Meetings.  

Here's what one of our scholarship recipients had to say about the impact of this scholarship on their life:

"In 2016, during my first year of pediatrics residency, I applied for and was awarded the Helfer Next Generation Scholarship, which, for the first time, allowed me to come face-to-face with the amazing physicians in this field! I was able to hear them discuss, debate, reach resolutions, and agree to disagree. It was unbelievably stimulating and inspiring, and while my interest had been quite solid to begin with, I found that it was further solidified by this opportunity.  My conviction was unwavering throughout the rest of my residency. Today, I write this thank you note to the Helfer Society from my desk as a first-year CAP fellow in Toni Laskey's team at Salt Lake City, UT. I am honest when I say that this field has not let me down - not in intellectual stimulation, medical challenges, social integration, and every now and then, some personal satisfaction and gratification."
--Tagrid Ruiz, MD, Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellow, Primary Children's Hospital

You may donate to The Friends of Helfer by clicking on this link - all donations are tax deductible.